What Is This Thing We Call Faith?

There are so many controversies and deceit in the world.  It’s hard to decipher what is truth and what is manipulated to further particular parties own agenda.  Never is the full story covered.  One side covers one side, but leaves out details.  Conversely, the same goes with the other side of the story.

The first and most prominent example of this problem is the media and how they portray it to further their own propaganda.  The other biggest example is many religions.  However, religions ask that you go by your faith to believe that they are speaking the truth.

What is faith?

Faith is something that doesn’t make any sense at all.  We grow up as children believing in fairy tales of the Easter bunny, tooth faerie, Santa Claus.  Isn’t that a form of faith that children are conveying?  A belief in something you can’t see?  Faith is believing in something intangible to be true.  With religion we are asked to accept their truths based on our faith.

We have scriptures that we can read to enhance our faith.  But then there is the logic and reason that one must battle with as well.  Sure the bible was written in a time that predeceased Jesus Christ; we weren’t there though, so logically it’s hard to find any reason to accept it as truth.  Reason and logic become ignored when asked to believe in something out of faith alone.

Science is logic.  Science has reason.

Logically it makes sense.  How do we know it makes sense though?  We believe that the people making these claims of different sciences are true.  We have faith that they are telling us the truth.


What is the difference in believing the writing of a scientists discovery of gas particles on a moon of Saturn versus the vision that a man in history had that told him not to kill men?

We have no personal evidence of the gas on the moon of a planet we can’t see.  Nor do we have any personal evidence of the vision that man had.  Either way we are choosing to believe in something we can’t logically explain.

We know the truth of such words by a reassurance in our hearts that it is quite possible.  It is possible that there is gas on the moon circling a planet so very far away.  Likewise it is possible that a man did receive a vision on a mountain so very long ago.

Faith is a belief in the feeling we have in our heart that something is true.  We can have faith in a religion, in ourselves, in science, in our parents, in the company that makes our cars, our food, our safety.  We have to have faith in so many things in so many different ways.  We can’t see any of them unless we seek them out to see the truth for ourselves.

That’s what the scriptures are…only you have to have faith that they were written by holy men that received revelation.

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