Talking Has Adverse Effects.

Sometimes life presents you with problems that don’t make sense.  Normally we just take those problems and turn them around and brush them off because that’s what life does.  Life gives you problems.

What do we do when life gives us something different.

What if life gives you a chance to face a problem that doesn’t exist?

What if life gives you the abilities the overcome a problem that hasn’t presented itself?

Life has given me a chance to talk.  Life has given me a chance to express feelings and emotions.  Life has given me a chance to overcome problems.

But that problem has not been found.

I find it more frustrating and emotionally draining to have the feeling of failing at something that doesn’t exist.  The more I talk the more problems seem to presenting themselves.

What is the obvious solution?

Continue with past problems that have yet to be resolved and not talk about anything.

Sounds good.

Not talking about my feelings never helped anything and either does talking about them.

Take your conundrum, life…

and give it so someone else.

I quit.

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