To Human Is To Be Human

“I have severe anti-social disorder and depression.”

“Why the hell are you working in retail?”

Forced social interaction.  Isolation is not a good idea.

It’s true I have chosen a very peculiar line of professions to survive.  With all my pet peeves about society and people in general, my sensitivity to just about everything, and my ‘your invading my bubble by breathing’ attitude; retail is not what I should be doing.

But I’m damn good at it.

Lately I have been getting a of people coming in to my job, ready and willing to buy.  They ask me questions and I answer.  Then they buy the product.  Jokingly they say “this is the easiest sale you’ve had I bet.”  They laugh because they think they are clever and I laugh so they will go away.

Add that to the list of things that are stupid that consumers say to retail workers…I have a list somewhere.

I get this comment about once a day and finally snapped.

“I don’t sell anything.” I said to the customer, to which the reply was a mouth, half agape and a confused eyebrow lift. “You come in with an idea to buy and questions with unknown answers.  I simply answer your questions and you choose to buy.  All my sales are simple because I don’t sell anything.  I give you my answers and you make the sale.”

So what is it about retail that makes it bearable for me?

It’s about being able to offer something they can not get anywhere else.  It’s about being the help that someone needs.  It’s about being able to advise and direct.  When a customer is satisfied and confident in their product and decision I know I did my job well.

The one customer a day that is so appreciative of me for being honest, helpful, kind, and patient is what makes have the strength to overcome my anti-social disorder every day.

Please, remember to be kind to everyone.  You do not know what they are dealing with and what demons they are hiding behind them in order to help you.  A sincere ‘thank you’ goes a very long way in an industry where employees aren’t treated like a human.  Having those moments of humanity are what makes it worth it.

I ordered some pizza today and a soda to go along with it.  The driver forgot my soda.  I had no idea what his day has been like, it’s not my place to be mad. He went and bought me a soda out of the tip I gave him to make it right.  I knew one way or another it would be fixed.  I also knew that he was a human, just like me.  I knew that he could have just made a mistake, just like me.

No one is perfect, but everyone is human.  So be a human.

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