Who is this guy, Guy?

No my name is not not Guy, it’s Jacob…


I recently came into view of a spoken word piece by Ira Glass.  I have never heard this man speak as I never listen to NPR, but I have heard his name a lot.  When I was sent the video of the audio recording he did, once I saw the name I was intrigued to listen.  As I listened it gave me great empowerment.

If you know me, you know I start a lot of stuff and then quickly lose steam.  Mr. Glass was talking about how we, ourselves, are our greatest cynical.  That couldn’t be more true in my case.  He said that every intelligent and creative person goes through this.  Most people give up, such as myself…well I give up on a project but never quit, I just move on to another one.

He talked about doing small pieces in abundance, create a lot of content, even if you hate it and it’s not good.

Now here is where my project comes in, Words In Bulk… Knowing that each piece I create i will inevitably despise, I am going to great a ton of content.  Most of the pieces I create will be written words although some might be small video blogs and some audio blogs.  I recently started doing some World of Warcraft tanking guides…and naturally I hate them.  The sound of my voice is amateur and I need more practice using it.

And that’s what this is all coming down to: practice.

Stay tuned for the ride if you would like, but I’m going to be doing this anyway.

Thanks for reading,



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