A Boy and His Gift

At a very young age, the boy was given a very special gift.  It was very fragile, so he knew he needed to be careful with it.  He kept it on a special shelf, waiting for the perfect tie to share it with someone.

And the boy loved his gift.

When he got a little older he had more opportunity to share his gift. He met someone who he knew would appreciate it.  One day, which he decided was right, he took his gift off the shelf and shared it with his new friend.  His new friend laughed at his special gift.  “Boys shouldn’t have that silly gift.”  Both his new friend, and his new friend’s friends laughed at his special gift.  So the boy ran back home and put the gift back on the shelf and covered it with a blanket.  “No one should see this but me, unless they are special,” he thought.

And the boy loved his gift a little less. Continue reading

My friend, my stranger, my strength.

Stay strong, my friend.

Don’t give up.

You are loved.

There are people that you haven’t met yet that need you.  They need you to be you, and they need you to be strong.

Know that you have friends, family, loved ones, and strangers that don’t want to see you fall.

I pray that you can look through our eyes and see how you are needed.  See through their eyes how important you are.

Everything you have to offer is exactly what others may need.

When you feel short and insignificant, reach out to those around you.  Your weakness is another ones strength to help you through any struggle you have.

Others weaknesses are your strengths that can only be realized through your own.

You are loved.

Don’t give up.

Stay Strong, my friend.