Karma on a Galactic Scale

I often wonder if depression is the universe’s way of avenging those you’ve hurt.

All the lows and moments of endlessness are a reflection of each of the persons you’ve had impacted negatively on your life.  Then I think that there is no way I have hurt this many people.

What a presumptuous thing for me to think.  Just like my own depression, everyone deals with problems and levels of strife differently.  I am no one to judge how someone was affected no more than anyone else has the right to say how I should react.

Reflecting back on all the relationships that I’ve had and measuring up them against my own sadness I feel, I can see how it’s about even.

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Turn the Other Cheek to Even the Score.

What goes around comes around. Karma’s a bitch. They’ll get their just deserts.

All these sayings are focused around a satisfaction of someone’s revenge.  Why do we think revenge will make bad deeds done to us even?  What is the word even, even have to do with this?  The definition of even is to be equal in number, amount, or value.  Curious use of the word value in that definition.

Every single person has different sets of skills and abilities that make us all unique and amazing.  Our unique selves should be used to lift each other up, to support each other, to amplify each others strengths.  Each of us also have different thresholds for trauma, pain, and distress.  Each of our unique thresholds could also be used to bring people down, to put them below you, or to create a sense of insecurity.   Continue reading