A Boy and His Gift

At a very young age, the boy was given a very special gift.  It was very fragile, so he knew he needed to be careful with it.  He kept it on a special shelf, waiting for the perfect tie to share it with someone.

And the boy loved his gift.

When he got a little older he had more opportunity to share his gift. He met someone who he knew would appreciate it.  One day, which he decided was right, he took his gift off the shelf and shared it with his new friend.  His new friend laughed at his special gift.  “Boys shouldn’t have that silly gift.”  Both his new friend, and his new friend’s friends laughed at his special gift.  So the boy ran back home and put the gift back on the shelf and covered it with a blanket.  “No one should see this but me, unless they are special,” he thought.

And the boy loved his gift a little less. Continue reading


The Masked Flower

People have always thrown the saying “You can’t love anyone until you love yourself” at me.  What a stupid saying that is, I thought.  I love others because they aren’t me.  If I loved myself why would the need to love others be so strong?

I hope you are cringing at that as much as I am now.

What stupid reasoning  I had, I say now.  I started creating a spiral for myself and my ability to maintain a relationship, both romantic and friend based, got swallowed up in the spiral, to suffer deep torment.  I would constantly fill myself with the company of others to try to fill in the gap I felt but couldn’t explain.  Soon the company would feel stagnant to me because the emptiness was still there so I would just…move on.  I would get up and leave. Continue reading

A Sincere Resolution

For as long as I could remember I have had a problem with tradition. Not in a rebellion aspect but more of a desire to create something new. There is one tradition type that I adore: ones that are focused around honoring memories of loved ones that have passed, traditions that bring happiness and joy to the heart and soul. While I think all traditions have good intent, the one that really gets under my skin is the tradition of new years resolutions. Continue reading