Planning For Consistency

For the past week I have been plagued with the thought of changing myself.  Attempting to make a plan for said thought is exhausting in its own right.  The list of things I want to change versus the list of things that can change is tipped to an unfair advantage against me.  The outcome always looks brighter than the reality.

I have a great life.

At the moment it just isn’t ideal.

And that is the reason I want to change.

There is a huge change coming up but it has been pushed back another year.  Which means this year is going to be rough mentally.  Thus reason for small personal changes.

If I were to jump ahead the year and make that big change in my current state, it would be not as full filling as I hope it to be.  So where can I start?

Backstory:  When I was in high school I broke both my wrists.  I have limited range and strength in them as far as working out goes.  More specifically: push ups.  Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I crashed a motorcycle and suffered a major tear in the tendon on my left shoulder.  While it healed as much as it could it has had its impact on my ability to rock climb, lift weights, etc.

I stumbled across a blog post a couple of months ago called “The 30-day 50 push up challenge.”  I decided it would be a great challenge for me to try for multiple reasons: 1 – I don’t stick with anything, I give up way to easily. 2 – If successful it would strengthen my shoulder and allow me to get back into rock climbing. and 3 – It would ultimately make me feel physically and mentally better about myself.

Current story:  I have successfully completed the 50 push up challenge.  Where it started with me struggling to get 10 done, I can now do 50…not in a row, though I am closer with 40 in a row…but I have achieved a goal that I set for myself.

What an amazing rush it has been to see results from a goal I set for myself.  The level of accomplishment is intoxicating.  Here is something else that has come from the challenge…I haven’t stopped doing push ups after the 30 days.  I still do 50 daily.

I have empowered myself with a simple task.  I feel physically stronger and mentally stronger as well.  And now we come to my current situation of taking that success into other aspects of my life.

I am currently working on different job choices that would be better for me.  Have a couple of things working at my current job and another one through networking and friends that will open up much better possibilities later on.  Both these jobs will require me to still work with customers, which I am very good at, but also allow me to have more physical hands on productive work…which will be much better for my mental health.

The greatest pro on these potential jobs is that they come with a set schedule.

A set schedule is something I have always walked away from and got disgusted at.  But after the results of sticking to a schedule for my push up challenge, I see the benefit of such.  Having a set work schedule allows me to actually plan for personal hobbies.  With a set work schedule I can set myself a consistent Twitch streaming schedule.  I can be more consistent with sleep patterns and be able to go to the gym on a consistent schedule.

Alas, I am getting ahead of myself like I do.

For now I am just putting it out in the universe that I plan on bettering myself.  I know hoe the universe works.  It will throw things back at me to keep me from doing it.  But at this moment I am prepared to face those head on.  I will take day by day, 50 push ups at a time.

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